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  • Commercial Insurance comes in a variety of different types of policies NO MATTER WHICH STATE  you're located in and is quite a bit different compared to your home and auto Insurance. Therefore, we are not going to go into great detail on the coverages but rather explain a little about the most common type of commercial policies and what they can do for you and your business needs. Our agency is here to help you and your business get the appropriate coverage to help make sure things run smoothly. If you would like to discuss this further, please schedule a virtual appointment or give our office a call.​

  • General Liability Insurance will help protect your business from any damages suffered by a customer that was caused by you, your employees or hired contractors. It will allow your business to breathe comfortably knowing that it will cover financial losses, and the costs of damages resulting from any claims.  Be advised that your policy will only cover up to the limit you chose to protect your business. In addition, this policy will also cover the cost to defend or settle your claims. Exclusions apply, so please call our office to get further details. 


  • Property Insurance is similar to a homeowners policy and is going to help cover your business's assets  in the event of a covered loss. An example of what would be covered are your buildings, its fixtures and fittings. In addition this policy will usually cover things like rental income in the event that your business has sustained a covered loss and is out of business for repairs and stock/inventory and cash at the insured location.


  • Business owners Policy, also known as BOP, provides the various types of coverage you may need under one policy like General Liability, Property Insurance, etc.  A main coverage that business owners like about this type of policy is knowing that their business income is protected and can help a distressed business continue until normal operations resume in the event of a covered catastrophic loss. A BOP allows you to minimize risks and to know that you have protected your small business.


  • Commercial Auto Coverage is almost like your personal auto coverage but with a few variations. One variation is that for this type of policy is that you will list all the drivers in your business and have coverage for all listed business autos and drivers in the event that they were in an accident based on your chosen coverages. In addition, it will usually cover damage or loss to your business’ vehicles and cargo.


  • Workers' Compensation will allow you to protect your employees who are injured on the job to be provided with a fixed amount of money, usually their base salary while recovering. The policy will also allow the business owner to eliminate the need for legal action to be taken against them. Workers Compensation Insurance is designed to help companies pay these benefits and can sometimes be a required coverage for your business by the state.


  • Commercial Umbrella Policy provides your business with that extra protection beyond your liability limits on any of your business policies that covers liability in the event that you are sued.

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