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Let's break down a homeowner's insurance policy which include coverages A thru F and your additional options.  

  • ​Coverage A : Dwelling

The dwelling covers the structure of the home in an estimated repair cost amount and can be covered in two ways; either replacement cost or actual cash value. Replacement cost will allow your home to be repaired with similar materials whereas actual cash value would provide you the same protection just minus the depreciated value over the years.

  • Coverage B : Other Structures

Other Structures will cover other buildings that aren't attached to the dwelling such as detached garages, sheds, fences, barns, etc. Usually the amount of coverage for this is 10% of your dwelling amount. For example, if your dwelling is covered for $100,000 your other structures amount would cover $10,000.

  • Coverage C : Personal Property


Personal property covers the items found in the home like your furniture, clothing, everyday items, etc and is usually based on a percentage of the dwelling amount that varies with every company, usually 50%-90%. 

  • Coverage D : Loss of Use

Loss of Use provides your family shelter within the listed coverage amount in the event that something catastrophic happens to your home. The amount of coverage for this will be 20% of your dwelling amount. So, for example if your home were insured for $100,000 your loss of use amount would be $20,000.


  • Coverage E : Liability


Liability protects you and any residents of the household who are sued for injury on your property or for damaging another person's property. Coverages for this usually starts at $100,000 and can be increased to fit your needs upon request. Sometimes people also choose to purchase an umbrella policy, also known as PCL, to add additional coverage in the event that somebody sues them. 

  • Coverage F : Medical Payments 

Medical Payments covers medical benefits to any person, other than the residents in the home, who were injured as a result of your premises or residents. Coverage starts at $1,000 and can be increased to fit your needs. 

*Deductible–the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance picks up the remaining charges. Note that this will not be applied when using the liability only portion of your policy. Now let’s discuss the most common optional coverages. 

Optional Coverages:​

  • Earthquake Coverage-coverage that will protect your home and personal property in the event that an earthquake occurs


  • Home Business Endorsement-will cover business property, usually up to $2,500​​

  • Identity Fraud Expense Coverage-if you suffer from identity theft during the time this coverage    is on your policy, you will be covered for up to $25,000 for the expenses that were incurred​​

  • Refrigerated Property Coverage-coverage for your refrigerator/freezer food as a direct loss by breakdown or power failure and usually covers up to $500​​

  • Special Computer Coverage- protects your computer due to a direct physical loss​​

  • Water Backup/Sump Overflow-if water gets backed up through your sewer, drains or sump then physical loss would be covered and can be purchased in an amount of up to $25,000​​

  • Scheduled Personal Property-the coverage will apply to only items that are higher in value, were appraised and specifically listed on your policy


  • Service Line Coverage-in the event that your pipes or wiring that are coming out of your property are damaged, this coverage would cover the repair cost of only the lines that you are responsible for  

  • Please be advised that all information is based on the state of PA and varies by every state, so please check your State's guidelines. All information is general and to get specific details, please call our office so we can discuss this with you.

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